Our Story

TAHOON Food started to manufacture and package foods in 2017. 

Our products are mixed, blended, and created in-house. Our Mediterranean style mix and seasonings recipe will not be found anywhere else. The recipe was developed by my wife, as she is the chief with over 30 years of experience creating delicious, homemade dinners for the family. 

There is no need to marinate with our spice and seasonings, therefore allowing an easy, quick at-home experience. If you follow the instructions provided with the mix or seasoning, you are guaranteed an exceptional tasting dish. 

All of the seasonings and spices are prepared with premium quality ingredients to meet and exceed your expectations. We are keen to select the finest ingredients in the preparation of its mixes to achieve a distinctive mix of spices. All of our spices are purchased from the US and grind and packed in Houston, TX.

It is so fresh, quick but better yet delicious. We can't wait to become a dinner staple in your family!